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Marques Cameron

I-502 Cannabis Buyer

Behind every thriving I-502 shop is a buyer that has found balance between

Product & Profit

Marques Cameron is a true Cannasseur: one who studies the many varieties, effects and the process of cultivating cannabis. His career began in 2010, helping a medical dispensary grower part time in California, learning the intricacies of the industry, all the way from soil to trimming to negotiations. Throughout 2015, he’s had the opportunity to experience first hand what it takes to operate and manage a successful retail cannabis store.

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Helping I-502 Retail Stores


Smart Buying

The name of the game is reducing your costs and increasing value to your customers. Based on data, demand and store budget, the best products for your store are negotiated and purchased.

Staff Training

Make it easier for your budtenders to recommend and sell products and accessories to your customers with ongoing, in-depth training sessions, farm sampling events & tours for new products.

Quality Control

All cannabis is not the same. Vendors go through a very careful evaluation, from facility walkthrough to packaging processes, to ensure they’re compliant and meet the standards of your store.

Relationship Building

After working with over 80 cannabis contacts – and growing – your store will have strategic, exclusive deals from relationships that have been personally cultivated and nurtured.

Marketing & Sales

Working closely with vendors to design promotions based on market trends, improve your store’s marketing campaigns and customer service to see your sales grow.

Logistics Management

Quick, critical thinking and fast action for coordinating many moving parts to ensure products are delivered to your store on time and in acceptable, satisfactory condition.

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